THE EGIS GROUP respects you and your right to privacy. Our mission is to provide you with superior products and services while assuring the privacy and security of your personal information. We value your trust, and we believe that you should know about the information we collect about you, the measures we take to safeguard it, and the situations in which we might share your information.

This Privacy Statement explains our policies and practices regarding your nonpublic personal information in our records. We reserve the right to amend, modify or supplement our privacy policy at any time in accordance with applicable law. If we make changes to our privacy policy, we will provide you a copy of the revised Statement as required by applicable law.

This Privacy Statement describes only our policy and does not apply to your relationship with other financial service providers that are not affiliated with THE EGIS GROUP, such as insurance companies that we represent or from which we obtain insurance products/services for you. Their privacy policies and information practices govern how they collect, use and disclose information about you.
Information We Collect About You: We collect nonpublic personal information about you from the following sources in order to serve your insurance needs, develop and offer new products or services, and fulfill legal and regulatory requirements:
>Information obtained directly from you (such as what you provide on applications and other forms you submit to us, from your dealings with us and others – i.e., name, address, social security number, prior insurance information, etc);
>Information related to your transactions with us and/or our affiliates (including your insurance coverage selections and premiums, payment and claim history, etc);
>Information we receive from non-affiliated parties;
>Information that we receive from consumer reporting agencies (consumer credit history, motor vehicle records, claims history report, etc.).

Limits on Sharing Your Information: We may disclose information about you to our affiliates and use that information in order to provide you complete insurance, financial and risk solutions. We do not share your nonpublic personal information with non-affiliated third parties except in the following cases:
>To Service Providers in order to perform a business, professional or insurance transaction authorized or directed by you (such as insurance companies, underwriting companies, agents, claims representatives, insurance support organizations, etc)
>As required or permitted by law.
Measures We Take to Protect Your Information: We maintain appropriate physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect the information we collect about you. Access to such information is restricted to employees and individuals who need to know the information to service your account or provide products and services to you. Employees who violate these confidentiality requirements are subject to our disciplinary process including termination. We also maintain and protect information through security-enhancing products such as virus and intrusion detection software, password protection databases, backup and recovery procedures and employee training. Where third parties provide support services to us, we require them to conform to our privacy standards.
To Review Your Information: You have the right to review your personal information in our records. If you believe any information in our records is incorrect, you may request in writing that the information be amended, corrected or deleted. We will investigate and amend, correct or delete the information you believe is incorrect if we can substantiate the error.