Independence Day is full of celebrations, fireworks, and barbecues, which come with their fair share of risks. Here are some Fourth of July celebration safety tips to share with your employees so they can have a fun and safe holiday.

We all know that it is important to wear sunscreen not only to avoid the pain of a sunburn but to protect from further damage to our skin. Make sure to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Don’t forget to reapply often, especially after spending time in the water!

Your sunglasses may look good, but are they protecting your eyes the way they should? Be sure to purchase sunglasses that protect you from 99-100 percent of UVA and UVB lights.

The sun and heat can cause dehydration before you even notice it. Try to limit the alcohol and caffeine intake. Continuously hydrate yourself throughout the day with water.

If you’re going to the beach this Fourth of July, be sure to check for swimming hazards. The beach will most likely be very busy so keep a close eye on any children in your group. If rip currents are heavy, advise everyone that if they should get caught in one, they should swim parallel to shore until they are out of the current. Also, water shoes help protect from any sharp objects that may be lurking below the water’s surface.

If you’re heading out on a boat, wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket and non-slip shoes. And, of course, whether it’s a boat or a car, drunk driving is still drunk driving.

Of course, keep fireworks, lighters, and matches away from children and keep a supply of water nearby in case of an accident. Never point or throw a firework at a person, building, or any other type of structure that could catch fire or cause damage. If a firework appears to be a dud, to not attempt to relight it.

Many people will be sharing the day with their beloved pets. If you’re taking them by the water with you, ensure their safety with an animal life vest. Also, make sure they stay away from any fire dangers including the grill or an open flame. Animals risk dehydration and heat stroke as well, so make sure a water bowl is readily available for your pet . Never keep your pet in a hot car.

A lot of animals are frightened by fireworks. Keep your pets inside where it is safe for them. If you are out and about, try to keep your pet in an enclosed area so that they don’t run off if startled by the sound.

Wishing everybody a fun and safe Fourth of July celebration from the team at The Egis Group