Keep these tips in mind when filing a claim with your insurance agency for your business.

Hurricane Nate caused possible effects such as floods, wildfires, and windstorms across the Gulf Coast, Texas, Florida, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and more. This resulted in many people needing to file claims and insurance agents were the first point of contact.  So what is the most effective way to get your claim settled quickly?

Report the damage as soon as possible. The sooner you advise your insurer, the sooner someone can assist you. Each small business insurance company has a specific process it will require you to follow, so check exactly what needs to be done before the claim can be paid out. Your claims agent should be able to give you detailed guidance on what to do. Try and have as much information available as possible including photos, documents, and receipts.

Keep Safe: While waiting for an all clear ensure you protect yourself, employees and family. Avoid gas lines that may be damaged, downed power lines or anything that may be affected by them, including water. Watch out for flash floods, wild animals, contaminated waters, and sharp objects that can cause injury.

Document damage to the property: Keep a separate list for business and personal items. Take photos and videos and note everything including manufacturer, age of item, and brand. Try and document your goods regularly, otherwise you may battle to get an inventory of the goods later. Limit damage where possible by boarding windows and doors, placing a tarp over a damaged roof and carrying out temporary repairs to prevent further damage while you wait for an assessor. Items can be documented and removed if they can cause a health hazard. Records need to be complete and accurate.

Having the coverage you need and knowing all your options are an important part of protecting your business. At The Egis Group, our insurance programs for businesses are heavy in coverage, yet light on your wallet. Call us today to make sure you are protected in case of a disaster.