Over 6 years ago Super Storm Sandy hit along the East Coast of the US causing damages totaling over $70 billion. The storm was also responsible for killing more than 280 people. Major US cities experienced flooding, structural damage, and power outages which they were ill prepared for.  Businesses felt a huge impact, especially those who were not properly covered with business insurance.

Last year, we saw the devastation from hurricanes, microbursts, and earthquakes. Northern California also experienced destruction brought on by wildfires. Insurance claims show that those wildfires created damage of over $3.3 billion. This year, the midwest has been hit hard with flooding from consistent rain. Not only has this displaced residents but it has also greatly affected the agriculture industry.

Natural disasters are on the increase with the change of climate. Areas that have not experienced such tragedies are now feeling the impact. Most cities do not even have adequate measures in place to evacuate people or even to notify residents in the event of a disaster. People and businesses are not even prepared themselves. The costs that are associated with a natural disaster can threaten a business. Aside from property damage, business owners can experience a loss of income, potential hazardous material cleanup, and also emotional effects for you and your employees.

How can you prepare for a natural disaster? It is at times like these that insurance becomes invaluable. Property insurance covers your company’s building, contents, and property in case of theft, damage, natural disasters, and fires. Business income insurance covers loss in income from the closing of your facility through the rebuilding process. Research your area and make sure to cover yourself for any potential natural disasters. Be clear about the coverage your business needs. Property insurance may not cover all natural disasters. Be sure to review your property and income insurance policies so you can know what they do and don’t cover. Contact an insurance agent today so you can be knowledgeable of your options.