‘Tis the season for company holiday parties! Time to switch out the work with play and give your employees a chance to let loose after a long year of hard work. But, as a business owner, an employee’s chance to let loose opens the door for safety and liability issues for your company. Below are some key points to take into consideration when planning and hosting your holiday party. 

  • While your employees are having fun, keep their safety your main priority.
  • Emphasize that the event is optional. Their attendance is in no way reflected on their work performance.
  • Keep the same policies you have in your workplace.  This includes any harassment and violence policies. Make it clear in any event announcements that these rules will be enforced at the event.
  • Do not imply that the party is affiliated with any religion. Make sure that the party is a “holiday party”.
  • Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. 
  • If any problems arise from the holiday party, make sure to treat it like any other workplace complaint. Document it and take proper action after investigation.

Consider implementing the below tips for your holiday party. These will help keep your employees safe and keep your liability to a minimum this holiday season.

  • Offer plenty of food for your guests to consume. This helps keep the alcohol consumption down and even slows the absorption of alcohol. 
  • Make sure there is a variety of non-alcoholic drinks for your guests. 
  • Do not offer an open bar. Try to limit the amount of alcohol served by coming up with a system like offering 2 drink tickets per person.
  • Do not serve alcohol all night. Stop serving alcohol at least an hour before the party ends and make sure there are still snacks available for guests to munch on.
  • Do not hold the party at your workplace. Off-site locations will have insurance and certifications for alcohol service.
  • Make sure your employees get home safely. Enforce designated drivers or even offer cabs, Uber, or Lyft drivers for the return home. 

We hope you enjoy the season! Eat, drink, be merry, but, most of all, stay safe! From all of us at The Egis Group, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!