Years ago, hackers as were mostly basement dwellers who were too well-versed in computers and technology for their own good. They were able to pull off small-scale hacks with minimal repercussions. Flash forward to today’s internet advances, mainly its widespread availability and affordability, where hackers are located in all countries and come from all backgrounds. Not only does this make us increasingly susceptible to data breaches, it also allows proficient hackers to spare no victims when it comes to identity theft. They are able to cast many lines in the water by targeting large, reputable retailers and companies that hold millions of customers’ financial and personal information.

As consumers, this uphill battle requires a lot of energy and responsibility. We use our debit and credit cards for the majority of our transactions and the use of cash is becoming obsolete. The convenience of card purchases is much more appealing when incentivised with rewards and easier than carrying cash.

How can we, the consumer, protect ourselves from falling victim to cyber crime? First, it’s important that we do our due diligence by periodically reviewing financial statements and keeping track of debit and credit card purchases. Unfortunately, this reactive approach may help us discover a past breach that may can take months to recover. The stress and financial impact can have devastating effects on individuals.

As a society, we don’t hesitate to insure our homes, our cars, and our health. We should also protect our most prized possession, our identity. We may not be able to successfully fight this battle, but we can arm ourselves with insurance. Having cyber liability protection ensures that our finances and identity are taken care of and puts us at ease when making transactions and purchases.

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