Duke University basketball star and top NBA draft pick, Zion Williamson, experienced a sprained knee this week in a game against North Carolina. The injury occurred when Williamson’s sneaker came apart while on the court. Many are suggesting that this could be a product-liability case.

Companies pay high costs to have the exclusive rights to be the official sportswear of colleges such as Duke. This means that the players have to wear uniforms and shoes supplied by the sponsor. Duke being one of the top basketball colleges in the country makes for a promising sponsorship for Nike. But, with the latest snafu, Nike could see themselves falling in the rankings as one of the top sellers for basketball gear. The Duke vs. North Carolina was one of the year’s highest anticipated games and was nationally televised on ESPN.

Nike may face a product liability case if Zion Williamson decides to bring one forward. A case could be made that the product failed to do what it was designed to do and resulted in an injury.

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