In July, Kearney, Nebraska experienced flooding which closed many businesses in the the hotel district and left only 600 rooms available. Almost 3 months later, 1,150 rooms are now back to being operational. With large events such as Nebraska Cattlemen’s and Farm Bureau convention approaching, Kearney event managers are hoping to have more rooms available to accommodate the influx of travelers.

Restoration efforts continue as new construction on convention centers and hotels are underway. When all is complete, Kearney will have another 850 rooms available. 

Earlier in the year, Nebraska experienced record breaking flooding due to rapid snow melting and heavy rainfall. Costs of damages are over $1 billion with cattle and crop loss, roads and infrastructure damage, and business and home destruction. 

Flood insurance covers any damages that occur when groundwater rises and seeps into your business. General policies do not cover flooding. If your business is at high risk for flooding, you should seek flood insurance. In some areas, flood insurance may even be required. Coastal areas and river floodplains are most likely to be affected by flooding. 

While you may not think that you are susceptible to flooding, you could be vulnerable to flash flooding. Flooding is long term while flash flooding typically occurs within a few hours of excessive rainfall. Either way, a flood insurance policy will cover your business for the damage incurred.

It is important for you to protect your business and employees if a natural disaster should occur. You should know your area and its weather and natural disaster history. Give yourself peace of mind by getting the correct policy for your business. Talk to an agent today to discuss your insurance needs for flooding as well as a business interruption policy. Natural disasters are unpredictable. Have a policy in place that you can rely upon in the case of an emergency.