New Hampshire has just passed a bill that will help workplace safety for New Hampshire’s public sector employees. The bill requires injuries that have occurred at school districts, state agencies, and other public entities, to be reported within 24 hours of the incident. If a death occurs, that must be reported within eight hours. All deaths are to be investigated by the department so that improvements can be suggested to avoid problems in the future. The bill was passed unanimously by the House last month in response to the death of a Highway Department worker in 2016.

As a business owner, it is important for you to have a safe workplace for your employees. Below are some tips to help keep injuries low on the job.

Know the Hazards
Understand the risks at your workplace and make sure your employees are aware of them as well. Ensure proper handling of hazardous materials and machinery.

Allow Regular Breaks
Monotonous work can cause fatigue and carelessness which result in accidents. Allow regular breaks to help concentration and avoid mistakes.

Proper Use of Machinery and Tools
If your employees use machines or tools, make sure that they are using them properly. Make sure that your employees have had training in how to use the equipment and how to avoid accidents.

Keep the Door Open to Suggestions
Encourage your workers to report any unsafe practices or potential disasters. Being in the trenches, they may be able to spot potential accidents better than you. Also, stress in the workplace can lead to unpredictable problems. Make sure supervisors are keeping an ear out for employers so that any problems in the workplace can be dealt with and conflicts can be avoided.

Accessible Emergency Exits
Ensure that all emergency exits are easily accessible and well known to your employees. Discuss evacuation routes and accountability for personnel.

Make Sure Safety Equipment is Being Utilized
Enforce the use of all safety equipment. Sometimes in a rush situation or a “quick” task, steps can be skipped, including using safety precautions. Always emphasize the use of safety equipment for all your employees.